We are all being lied to.

The yearning to write about the big finance lie has been bubbling inside me for a couple of years now and well, I guess I’ve just about had it.  Had it with credit card companies.  Had it with banks.  Had it with mortgage advisers.  Had it with car finance companies.

And its not just the big corporates either.

Our parents, our family, our friends, our peers.  Everyone helps each other to keep the credit charade going.

Credit has become N O R M A L.  Credit has become the D E F A U L T.

Its that common now that it is surprising when someone doesn’t drive a car from brand new, or pays in cash for a brand new sofa, or doesn’t pull out the plastic for a holiday outfit splurge.

I honestly feel we are on the edge of a credit bubble.  Debt is sky-rocketing and consumer spending is increasing massively, while savings rates and home-ownership are at an all time low.   What is especially worrying is the number of females who don’t understand their own finances.  They don’t know how much debt they’re in. They don’t know the terms of their student loans.  They don’t know how much is in their pension (or if they have a pension at all!)

What I plan to write about and share is common sense – nothing complicated.  Its the hidden and dark art of avoiding debt, spending less that you generate in income, and thinking more long term than payday.

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